Virtual Flora of El Verde

After years of work, the Virtual Flora of the El Verde Field Station is now accessible online ( through the diligent efforts of Fabiola Areces and a group of collaborators.

The El Verde Field Station is located on the northeastern slopes of the Luquillo Mountains and is one of the most active ecological research sites in Puerto Rico and the islands of the Caribbean. A good number of projects at the Station have studied different aspects of forest dynamics, all of which require correct identification of plant species. The Virtual Flora of the El Verde Field Station is an interactive resource that contains information on over 614 species of vascular plants that have been reported for the area. The website includes more than 3,100 photographs illustrating useful characteristics for identifying plants in the field, and complete descriptions of over 200 species of trees. The Virtual Flora includes interactive keys (currently only PC-compatible), approximately 1,500 images of herbarium specimens, and a glossary of botanical terms. The Virtual Flora of El Verde constitutes the first phase for a more encompassing virtual flora of the entire El Yunque National Forest and the island of Puerto Rico.

We hope that this will be a valuable resource, not only for those who work at the Field Station, but also the educators, students and those that have an interest in the flora of Puerto Rico. While the first phase of the website is in Spanish, parts of it should be easy to navigate using the search functions. We would be very much interested in your feedback.