A Systematic Vademecum to the Vascular Plants of Puerto Rico

Abstract of the book:

Dr. Axelrod's A Systematic Vademecum to the Vascular Plants of Puerto Rico is a guide to the vascular plants presently found growing in the wild on the island of Puerto Rico and on its dependent adjacent islands. It lists 2912 taxa that are included in 1057 genera and 210 families. Of these taxa 2337 (80.3%) are native and 575 (19.7%) are exotic; of the native ones, 243 (10.4%) are endemic. Many taxa given in previous flora have been excluded due to their dubious or unsupported presence, their misidentification, or their confinement to cultivation or ornament. There is a special section at the end of each family devoted to accepted taxa which have not been collected for at least 50 years.

For each entry, online nomenclators such as GRIN, IPNI and TROPICOS and/or original literature and recent journal articles have been consulted in order to provide a correct name and an accurate literature citation. The Angiosperm Phylogeny Website was consulted for the most recent alignment in genera and families. Taxonomic controversy and embellishment, where appropriate, are aired out in a ‘Notes’ section.

The distribution of the vascular plants within Puerto Rico, based solely on verified specimens, is provided according to a scheme that incorporates both broad physiographic areas and specific geographical sites. The latter are described in the text and illustrated by maps. Plant elevation and times of reproductive phenology are also provided. When the distribution is based on just one or two specimens, these specimens are referenced. The distribution of these plants outside of Puerto Rico is also given.

Where possible, references are made to modern floras of Puerto Rico where may be found a more detailed description of individual taxa. Where known, common Spanish names are provided. Also, four new combinations have been made in the names of taxa.

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