Our Collection

Major vascular plant collections (view our online database)
  • Michael Byer: Flora of the adjacent offshore islands of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands

  • James Ackerman: General flora, especially Orchidaceae of Puerto Rico and the Greater Antilles

  • Franklin Axelrod: General flora of Puerto Rico and other islands of the West Indies, especially Saba and Sint Eustatius

  • Charlotte Taylor: General flora of Puerto Rico

  • Fabiola Areces: General flora of Puerto Rico, Flora of El Verde Field Station, Puerto Rico

  • Elvia Meléndez-Ackerman et al: Flora of Mona Island

  • Roger Graveson: Flora of Saint Lucia

  • Duplicates of Caribbean specimens obtained in exchange primarily from the herbaria of the Jardín Botánico Nacional Dr. Rafael M. Moscoso, Dominican Republic (JBSD), Jardín Botánico Nacional, Cuba (HAJB), Centro de Investigación Científica de Yucatán, México (CICY), Fairchild Tropical Garden, USA (FTG), Miami University, USA (MU), Smithsonian Institution, USA (US), and the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez (MAPR).


Ancillary collections from Puerto Rico (not yet databased)

  • Bryophytes, most of which were collected by J. M. Pagán before the actual founding of the herbarium and later by Inés Sastre, Amelia Merced and Franklin Axelrod

  • Lichens, collected by Franklin Axelrod, largely identified

  • Marine algae, mostly collected by UPR Marine Biology classes

  • Freshwater algae, mostly collections made in Puerto Rico during the early years of the 20th century by Professor N. Wille and includes a number of type specimens

  • Fungi, which include type specimens collected by Jean Lodge

  • El Verde Field Station, we currently are creating a database of the specimens of El Verde Field Station herbarium