This online service provides access to herbarium specimen data and images at the UPRRP Herbarium in Puerto Rico. The online service is now being developed and we are uploading data and images as these become avalable.

Locality information on rare species may be restricted online. Contact the Herbarium Director for information.

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Contact Information
Dr. James D. Ackerman
Herbarium Director
tel: (787) 764 0000 ext. 2023

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Herbarium Department of Biology
University of Puerto Rico- Río Piedras
P.O. Box 23360
San Juan, PR 00931-3360

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Aside from institutional consultations and every day use of collections and facilities, UPRRP receives visitors who have used our facilities and consulted our collections for their research or teaching projects. The herbarium also offers tours of facilities and demostrations of curatorial and field collecting techniques.

UPRRP is operated by the Department of Biology, Faculty of Natural Sciences of the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras campus.


The Herbarium is funded by the Biology Department and the National Science Foundation

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The Caribbean region is one of the world's most complex archipelagos and is considered among the top three most important biodiversity hotspots. This floristically rich region is in a state of ecological flux through both natural processes and man-made ones. Nature and society are a critical juncture since land use patterns are changing fast affecting vegetation and shifting species composition and community structure in ways we are just beginning to understand. Documentation of present biological diversity is critical for reconstructing the past and anticipating the future. With herbarium collections serving as a storehouse of such basic data, safeguarding collections and making them optimally accessible is key for enriching a broad spectrum of studies. For some projects, studying and examining actual specimens is indispensable, but for many others, quick verification of identification and the habit, habitat, phenology and distribution data from labels could be obtained through digital images and electronic databases.

The herbarium of the Department of Biology, University of Puerto Rico - Río Piedras (UPRRP) is set up to be a reference collection not only for Puerto Rico, but also for the whole Caribbean Basin. Our Herbarium is presently one of the Caribbean's most active in growth and in the provision of research specimens. Our current holdings are over 55,000 specimens including Tracheophytes, Bryophytes, Algae and Fungi. Because most of the UPRRP collection is recent, data associated with the specimens is generally more complete than that of much older material. Thus, its strength lies in the robustness of information reflecting the Caribbean's recent past.

Some active UPRRP projects:
  • A Systematic Vademecum to the Vascular Plants of Puerto Rico - F. Axelrod (2011), a synoptic flora of the vascular plants that can be presently found on the island of Puerto Rico and its adjacent islands.
  • Invasive Species of Puerto Rico - J.D. Ackerman and R.L. Tremblay, a project currently focusing on naturalized and expanding populations of orchids. Assisted by students W. Recart, W. Falcon and others.
  • Systematics and biogeography of Thespesia (Malvaceae) - F. Areces, an explanation of the role of long-distance marine dispersal in the distribution and diversification of the genus.
  • Catalog of Seed Plants of the West Indies: Orchidaceae - J. D. Ackerman, a contribution to P. Acevedo-Rodriguez and M. T. Strong's West Indies checklist.
  • Orchidaceae of the Greater Antilles - J. D. Ackerman, an illustrated monographic flora of the region representing nearly 600 species.
  • El Verde Virtual Flora - F. Areces and J. D. Ackerman, a Project currently funded by the University of Puerto Rico to create an online resource for the identification of vascular plants of the UPR's El Verde Field Station in the El Yunque National Forest.
  • Flora of Saint Lucia- R. Graveson
  • Flora of St. Eustatius - J. D. Ackerman and F. Axelrod, in cooperation with St. Eustatius National Parks (Stenapa), has been compiling a list of plants of St. Eustatius to complement work carried out by the New York Botanical Garden and Hannah Madden of Stenapa.
  • St. Eustatius Orchid Conservation - R. L. Tremblay and J. D. Ackerman, in cooperation with St. Eustatius National Parks (Stenapa), an inventory of the orchids of St. Eustatius, and population viability assessments of select species.

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